Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday wibbles

So my friend Fish came over this afternoon for a couple hours painting (his Imperial Guard and my marines) and we got to nattering about lots of 40K stuff. One thing I mentioned was the idea of picking a couple armies and working out a HQ and two troops for around 600pts, playing small games, and over time slowly add to each. Fish quite liked the idea and we are going to do something a long these lines but work to do really good painting jobs on them rather than the table quality we normally do. He is looking at doing a dark mechanicus army and I am finally going to get started on my squats, sorry... demiurg, that I've being meaning to do for ages. We are thinking meet up one or twice a month when he has an afternoon free.

It's a good idea I think and something I am looking forward to.

You can check out his gaming blog here.


  1. :D ordered my HQ and some cultists :D

    Might need to borrow your chaos book at some point, I will get it in the end, but currently dont want to spend £25 on a book lol

  2. It's an awesome idea. I could do with a similar arrangement to get my armies finished XD