Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Situation Report

Played my first game against Daemons under 6th edition tonight. Well, Daemons with CSM allies, to be exact. Firstly, I was surprised that my opponent actually took a land raider and a heldrake as part of his allies detachment as so far all I have seen people play is a HQ and two troops. As for the main list, he didn't play anything twinky and it was nice and fair. Though I still find that Flamers need to be toned down. Their flamer weapons do not need to be that harsh!

The game started off really well for me but turn 3 saw his Heldrake come in, smash my Stormtalon via vector strike and then consign half a squad of marines to a fiery death. That prevented my winning the game.

I was pleased with one thing though. He had played Fateweaver as his warlord, and the remaining four men from the squad I mentioned above shot him with three bolters and a plasmagun. Wounded, he took a leadership test, failed, and fled into the warp! I may not have won the game but I claim the moral victory for that. :-)

Overall, what was fielded was fair and balanced. No Bloodletters, juggernauts or twinky options. Lots of plaguebearers which held my assault terminators up.

Victory was my opponents purely because of two flamers squads and the heldrake, which did their job very well.

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