Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Demiurg first test

Played a 1750pt game tonight vs Ultramarines. Took my marines plus had my first chance to use the new Tau codex to represent my demiurg who I took as allies.

First thing I did was be a complete numpty and read the entry for plasma rifles instead of pulse rifles. Thought they were a bit too good. *sigh*

The mission didn't help at all. I was hoping for something where I could use two demiurg (fire warriors) troop choices to hold a home objective, while my marines went off to capture enemy objectives. Instead we rolled the Vanguard mission from Battle Missions. So I had to cross the board to get to the three objectives on the table.

Suffice to say that I lost this game and didn't get a good try out for the demiurg. Next time hopefully.

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