Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Random Elements of 40K

I like random elements in games. Mainly because I find them a balancing factor where players can be a lot better at a game than others. Sometimes it favours the better player, the weaker player and sometimes it screws them both over.

Warlord Traits.
I like these in principle but all too often due to the nature of the results, in both rulebook and codex charts, a player ends up with a trait that doesn't do anything. An example being a warlord who counts as a scoring unit in a mission that is based on killing units not holding objectives.
I think a better way of handling this would be a single dice roll compared to the three tables in the rulebook and the codex one. The player then choses which table he'll take it from based on that roll.

Psychic Powers.
Psychic powers now work a lot more like the magic system of Warhammer Fantasy in means of deciding what powers your psyker has. I find this a tad awkward. Half the time I get powers that are useful, otherwise they are pointless all game.

Warzone Traits.
I know not everyone uses these as they are an option in the back of the big rulebook but really people should. A 2D6 roll sets up the environment of the battle from a cold ice world (Gets Hot rule is ignored) to a psychic dead zone (psychic tests are half leadership but no perils of the warp). The way I run this at our club for league games is that this is rolled for after deployment but before the start of the game. The warzone traits are the most interesting random part of the game for me. I recommend using them.

What are your thoughts?

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