Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Primarchs: Some Musings

Back when our club first started we had 8 players and that was it. We started playing in our local FLGS (above) where it was a little cramped but we could happily fit two tables and get our games played. As more and more locals became interested we had to move out to another venue (and then another and another...etc) and now we have about 16 Warhammer players.

It is unfortunate but these days I fear that it is too many people. We can't get the games like we used to and to an extent some of the fun has been sucked out of it due to the bureaucracy of having to organise that many players. Not to mention there are a couple who are far too twinky and fail to see that the game is meant to be fun for both sides. All groups/clubs have this though.

Sometimes I really think I would like to just close the club down and start over with just eight decent players again. It would bring the fun back into the game I think.

Part of this thinking back is due to the Primarchs current situation. We have a venue that costs us £30 for four hours (not complaining there) but we are cramped into a side room and now we may be stuck with two tables (fingers crossed this week we can get a third in there). Some players have spoken of dropping out of the club because of the change in situations at the club.

The problem is that there isn't anywhere else in the town where we can have for that price (we can't charge more than £3 a member, we would lose people anyway) or where we can store the tables and terrain. This just makes me think the club would be better smaller and with select bods.


  1. How would you decide who those 8 players are? It's a bit of a kick in the teeth for those players who 'don't make the cut' and because of that are told they don't have anywhere to play any more - not everyone has the ability to go and game in Cambridge like I do.

    I'm not saying don't shut it down if that's what you want to do, but if you do, don't think of it as starting again with the players you want, just make it an informal gathering of friends. Continuing it as 'Primarchs' could seem like favouritism towards certain people.

    That said, I'm sure there's some places you can find, even if it means running the club at a reduced capacity for a while.

    An alternative is to put a points limit on games. Thatw ay people still get the chance to game if they want, albeit at a reduced points level. If people arne't happy with that, there's always other clubs where higher points levels can be accomodated, but tbh, some of the best games of 40k I've ever had were at 1000 points.

    Another way to go is to encourage more skirmish games like Malifaux, etc, which take u less room, so more games can be played.

    Whatever way you go, I think we need to hold a meeting of all members on the future of the club, so everyone can hear the situation as it stands atm and have their voices heard and vote on what's the best way forward

    1. Don't worry. It isn't something I am serious about. Just thinking back when things were simpler.

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  2. St Neots needs a store, simple as that really.