Wednesday, 13 May 2015

2015 League round 10

Another week of brutal warfare has come before us and I've remembered to post this. We have had some good games but with very predictable results.

Game 1
Ashleigh Granger Vs Elliot Hall.
I hate to say it but this game was over before either player set up. Not sure how many games Elliot has had before this but this week he was up against an experienced player with a very good Astra Militarum force that just surrounded Elliot's Farsight Enclave army and turned them into a very large smoking crater. At least Elliot enjoyed it and that is the point.

Game 2.
Brian White vs Jon Quinn.
Another foregone conclusion. Brian like myself enjoys basic fun and casual lists that don't do well when the opponent is actually trying. Although he was never going to beat Jon's Necron army I do feel that he could have tried a little harder. I didn't see the final round of the game but I believe Brian's Tyranids surrendered turn 3 or 4.

Game 3.
Benjo Gray vs Richard McManus.
I had high hopes for my nephew in this game but it was not to be. He had brought a list designed to deal with one sort of list and Richard played something entirely different. I don't think it helped that Richard took Eldar allies from the new Craftworld codex which prevented the Blood Angels from overwatching as they assaulted. Harsh but now everyone else will be prepared for it.

So the scores now look like this:

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  1. I'm sorry to say it but it was at the end of turn 2.
    Sorry Brian.
    When the league is finished we will have those fluff games.