Wednesday, 27 May 2015

2015 League round 12

Week 12 of brutal combat among the stars! Only two games this week as one player forgot he had a game. Both players are currently discussing whether to call it a win for the player who remembered or whether to replay it at a later date. I think it will be replayed for fairness.

Game 1.
Mark Thomas vs Ashleigh Granger.
World Eaters vs Astra Militarum in this game. In my mind this was always going to be Ashleigh's game and I was right. I didn't see much of the game but I figured with his experience Ashleigh would have the upper hand and I doubt Mark was prepared for a decent mechanized army. Victory to the Imperium.

Game 2.
Michael Parker vs Joel Tate.
Now this game was a shocker. Michael is a playing a Horus Heresy World Eaters list which hasn't done him very well so far while Joel's chaos daemons list had been doing so very well lately. In a strange twist of fate Michael actually built a list that won him the game, although against daemons I'm not sure how. Victory to the World Eaters.

The scores now look like this:

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