Saturday, 16 May 2015

2015 League round 11

After another week of savage conflict the forces of Chaos have had a very strong time of it.

Game 1.
Dan Durham vs Mike Parker.
Two Horus Heresy lists clash at last. Danny's Night Lords took Mike's World Eaters apart so quickly I didn't even get chance to see this game. I'm waiting for the Dan vs Jon game as that should be one worth watching.

Game 2.
Simon Butler vs Mark Thomas.
I had high hopes that the Grey Knights would secure a good strong victory against Mark's foul World Eaters and Daemons army. It looked like a good close game throughout but Mark snatched it away through victory points from his objectives. After the fact it may be that Mark made some mistakes which we shall have to watch but he had won whatever happened.

Game 3.
Jason Locking vs Adam Townsend.
Jason's Black Legion (generic chaos marines really) took on the Blood Angels this week and secured a solid victory. Adam had quite a nice list and he put up a tough fight but by looks of it the dice and the tactics were heavily in Jason's favour. Adam T is certainly improving in his game though.

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