Friday, 16 December 2011

Chaos Daemons review


  1. Must not rant...must not rant

    Not many armies left that don't have the option of reserving their entire army and deepstriking/outflanking. The difference is they have a choice, daemons do not. And it's instantly nullified by just not deploying anything and reserving everything yourself and deploying wherever they aren't.

    Bloodletters are only op if you play Space Marines, and they deserve that counter. And daemonettes are better imo for the reason of they have grenades. An assault unit without grenades is pointless.

  2. Rant all you want. I won't complain.

    My experience playing against this army is that it is rather powerful and there is no real reason to play anything but pure Khorne. It's not just Marko I see with this, it's also Joel and Mulch. I've read the book myself many times deciding whether to play it or not.

    Space Marines don't deserve an all power weapon counter. We cannot do close combat and Bloodletters screw us over even more, adding fuel to my opinion that we need to be cheaper than 16 points per model.

  3. The Dark Gods are not rather 'pal-y' it's described how they're constantly at war with each other. The times they unite is usually out of convenience, or their hatred of the material universe outweighs their hatred of each other.

    With a lack of transports, they *need* to be able to take objectives in some way (deep strike), but their troops choices aren't all that tough, even Plaguebearers

    They aren't broken at all. Being forced to deep strike means that no matter the opponent, they have to endure a round of enemy shooting before doing anything. Again, their units aren't all that tough, so crumble easily

    The 4 hq choices are so you can play a herald of all 4 gods. Heralds aren't all that good, they need a unit of their god basic deamons to be effective

    Bloodletters pay through the nose for power weapons, whilst losing their 3+ armour of the last chaos 'dex. Being shot at before getting to employ their Hellblades costs them dearly, as they only have a 5+ invunerable save. Even mild bolter fire will thin out a unit

    Deamons, while tricky to deal with because they are so unconventional are actually one of the weaker books out there atm, with FateCrusher lists being about the only competitive build.

    What they are is a thinking mans army, as one wrong move can cost you the game. You need to put some thought into making both 'waves' reasonably balanced, as the dice god can dick you over if you rely too much on one half of the army. You also need to be able to adjust your battle plans on the fly if scatter or reserve roles go against you

    When I'm next down Primarchs, I'll bring my Deamons for you to play against and you'll see how they aren't actually all that. They rely on synergy to work well and half the time the dice will work against you.

    Also, I'll be posting a Deamons list that's done quite well around the Norwich gaming groups on my blog in the next few days, so you can see how
    Mono-khorne isn't the only way to go - i only have one khorne model in my whole list and that's a Deamon Prince