Wednesday, 28 December 2011

League Game #3

On the distant world of Xanthia Prime the Imperial mining colony came under attack from a despicable band of chaos warriors. Descending from the stars they murdered and rampaged their way across half the planet before help came from the Salamanders. Descending to the surface en masse, the 3rd company led the assault the foul sorcerer who led this motley band.

So today I got my third game in early. This time against Richard with his foul Chaos marines. Our mission was a simple kill points one with a pitched battle deployment. Maybe I was just over confident but Richard is one of those players who I rarely have any trouble defeating, and I figured this game would be no different.

As with all my games lately it has been really atrocious dice rolls on my part that hurt my game. I don't think there was anything I could have done differently. Or at least with the dice rolls it wouldn't have mattered anyway. He was playing heavy plasma spam in his list and his rolls were spot on. I think he lost one marine to a over-heating plasma gun and that was it. Otherwise his rolls to hit and wound were well above average. I lost three thunderhammer/storm shield terminators to four shots from plasma in one round of shooting. Just terrible. I evened out by taking down his sorcerer lord and terminator escort with ease.

I'm not going to grumble about how poor generic marines are in close combat but as with any time I play against chaos marines it was assault that wipes my units out. He did good targetting the rhino's, which promptly wrecked or exploded, and then assaulting the poor unit as it emerged.

However by turn 5 I had equalised our kill points, and then turn 6 jumped one ahead. Richard then equalised at the end of turn 6. The game went to the final 7th turn where I assaulted his remaining rhino destroying it in a nice explosion that killed the remaining terminator and gave him the winning KP.

Good game but frustrating.

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