Tuesday, 27 December 2011

League Game #2

Just before Christmas I got my second early league game done. Jon played his Ultramarine army. I'll edit this post tomorrow to include his list. Our mission was First Contact from the battle missions book with myself as the attacker.
Jon rolled for his random deployment and most of his army ended up deployed in one corner. He didn't do what I expected. I did expect a newbie move to place his units in the center of his sections auto holding the objectives. He didn't do this and instead deployed on the edge of the board. My units ended up on the same corner as his which was not helpful at all.

I didn't do too badly I think. Lysander went down under a series of thunder hammer blows and I did a grand job whittling units down, but the dice and an untouched land raider were all in Jon's favour. The game went to turn 6 if I remember right, and Jon won with three objectives to my one.

Was a good fun game but I still got mullered primarily by close combat. I just couldn't seem to make armour saves even on a 3+. So that's two losses so far. Not a good start. I have a reasonable list but it's causing me to have doubts now. Not that I even had a chance of winning.

Better luck next time.

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