Wednesday, 6 June 2012

2012 League at an end

The 40K league has basically come to an end. Joel has reached a point where no one can catch him up so he has won. Well done to him. I think most of the guys are happy to be done but a few still want to play their games so that's cool. I'm just going to play Matt and Brain as I haven't ever played against them before (somehow in Matt's case).

I will be glad of the break as my love of 40K seems a little drained of late, and probably because of the length of this league. Next time will have to see if it can be made smaller somehow.

Anyway, well done to Joel and his filthy Eldar.


  1. I know right. Our GW encounters consist of one fantasy battle, and no others. Be amazed.

    Although i am alttle tired of pushing my little metal boxes to their doom.

    But grats Joel.

    1. As you say, we still haven't played a 40K game so we should arrange for a Thursday soon. I'm looking forward to it.