Saturday, 9 June 2012

Seeking campaign advice


  1. People like maps for the same reason people like graphs. Graphical information is much easier to digest. A map also gives you a reference. it's more natural to have an area to fight for. but regardless.

    5 minute thoughts jotted down in notepad.

    "Each player has one home world (may not be lost). Maybe these should be in some way unique and cool. But not too powerful, want people to use other abilities.
    Planets should have abilities. Nothing to zany, maybe an extra elites slot or whatever. No matter how many planet abilites someone has, may only use one for any game.

    For winning a game, player may take a planet from loser, or receive a new one at random.
    Maybe planets are worth vp. Prederminat total wins. Makes high vp planets desirable.

    Planet environment effects? nah. Too much of a hassle.

    Note a deck of cards would be awesome. Cards would be lost by people though, guaranteed. you can have 'rare' planets that are worth more vp and people will fight for them. Leads into progressing towards a fixed total perhaps.

    How rounds are arranged? meh. Not enough time/space!!"

    1. 1. Yep I agree. Problem is that it's going to be a nuisence trying to do and cart around a map. I have two sets of Planetary Empires we could build from but it would have to be kept intact and transported somehow. Just drawing on paper would just feel cheap to me.

      2. That is basically what we did before but with the environments. I wouldn't do environments again but something like Forgeworld or something might work similar to how locations work in Planetary Empires.

      Rounds might not be a problem but numbers of players is. Even if we just had 12 players interested out of the 16 that we have/had it's still too many and I wouldn't want to cut people out of it. But it is something like that or we just have another boring league again.

      I have plenty of time to pet peoples ideas but we really need something different.

  2. Maybe do a narrative campaign, each round fighting over a different planet, like ice world, industrial worlds, desert worlds, deathworlds, even space hulks or spaceships (using Zone Mortalis rules). Each planet has its own unique and challenging special rules to simulate the various conditions, but whoever wins each round gets the bonus from that planet in the next round, nothing overpowering, but a nice little bonus