Monday, 25 June 2012

Youtube Anniversary

In just over a week it will be my one year anniversary of doing 40K/gaming vids on Youtube. I will be taking suggestions on topics to do vids on for that day.


  1. I think you should make a vid on how 2nd edition was the best version of 40k.

    1. I would except I was raised never to tell lies. :-p

      Seriously, how can you like that edition?

    2. Because it's the bestest!! In all seriousness, it was the last edition before they ripped the heart out in 3rd.
      It got better in 4th when they started adding meat back in, but it was still based on 3rd and still has the super crappy armour/ap system.
      Sure it has problems, but at the <1500 point level it rocks. Pretty much exampled by Necromunda/Gorkamunda which are skirmish games with the 2nd edition rules, but without the all the heavy weapons and power armor to make problems. And they are both excellent games.

      Has just the right amount of crazy, without being Rogue Trader wtf.