Friday, 29 June 2012

Battle Report

A series of worlds along the newly formed warp tear known as Tyken's Rift have fallen to Chaos. Cultist uprisings and daemonic manifestations have seen the sector commander request aid from the Inquisition. A sizeable detachment of Grey Knights arrived within weeks. The Salamanders chapter sent a company to assist in the campaign.
After several weeks of heavy fighting the Chaos threat was eliminated but the Grey Knight commander felt that the possible corruption was too severe to allow the human population to live. The Salamanders who had fought hard to defend the civilian survivors were not about to accept that judgement and though it went against everything he knew, the captain of the first company refused to lay down his arms and walk away.

My last game of 5th edition was against Brian and his Grey Knights. I have never played Brian before nor do I think I have played against Grey Knights so this was going to be an interesting match. Mission was rolled as Annihilation (kill points) and deployment was table quarters. I am thankful that we did not get Dawn of War deployment or I fear the damage to my marines would have been severe.

I did not attempt to seize the initiative as I wanted the GK to move forward so I didn't have to do the hard work. Somewhat annoyingly due to an orbital strike and a squad that can shoot through terrain, I lost my vindicator and and an imobilised whirlwind turn 1! Unfortunately for Brian as the game went along his orbital strikes seem to become less and less effective.

Turn 2 and everything of his came in except one squad of troop GK. Nothing badly deviated so I found myself staring down at two dreadknights, an assassin, a squad of terminators and a strike squad. The assassin took out one scout squad and then spent the rest of the game trying to move up through a ruin to the second scout squad,

Things turned around after that for me as both my rhinos were loaded up with sternguard. Leaping from their rhinos they opned fire with the AP3 rounds taking down an entire squad with no casualties to themselves, which is a wonder. The TH/SS termies with Kantor lept into combat with one dreadknight which went down far too quickly, and then mopped up the terminator squad. On the next turn the other dreadknight went down to bolter and assasult cannon fire. The game had turned in my favour somehow.

By turn 5 Brian had nothing left that could hurt my tanks and just had his HQ left. Victory was mine.

That was a fun game. Neither side took it too seriously and we had a good time. There are certain people that I don't like playing and people I really enjoy playing against. Brian is definately a player I would enjoy playing against again.