Monday, 26 September 2016

Midas Crusade 2016

Over the weekend we held the third Midas Crusade tournament. The last one was end of April but due to real world issues I forgot to cover it. But the third one went rather well with little in the way of hiccups. Once again Jon offered the use of his sizeable garage and we spent a day playing some 40K.

As usual it was 2000 points, fixed list, with three rounds of three hours each and tactical objectives missions. The VP's scored totalled over the day to determine the winner. Anything 40K is legal but not HH stuff.

Unfortunately we had two players drop out at separate times in the weeks running up so i had to jump in and play, and the eighth player, Gary D,  could not make it until the second round started. I set it up so I effectively played Gary D and we drew. Neither of us were playing to win anyway so it wasn't a big issue.

Armies played were:

Colin - Chaos Marines (Death Guard) with Chaos Knight ally.
Chris - Craftworld Eldar.
Jon - Necrons.
Ash - Astra Militarum with Genestealer Cult allies.
Benjo - Dark Angels.
Mike - Craftworld Eldar.
Dan - Eldar Corsairs with Craftworld Eldar allies.
Gary - Space Marines (Imperial Fists).

It was a hard fought day for the top spot but Chris' Eldar successfully spent the day claiming objectives and stole first place.

Broodlord and genestealers outflank into the Dark Angels. 

Mike brought some interesting Eldar toys with him. 

Astra Militarum gun line. 

The Death Guard prepare to surge forward. The Knight did a great job of stomping genestealer hybrids! 

 Lots of conscripts being pushed forwards!

The Eldar battle lines.

 Necrons and Eldar face off across no man's land.

The unexpected genestealer cult allies shortly before being trodden on.

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