Friday, 2 September 2016

Why no narrative?

I haven't used this blog for well over a year now. Part of it has been starting two new jobs and settling into a new relationship. But there has also been a slow grump growing over me which stole a lot of my love for 40K. That grump has been the ongoing Midas Crusade narrative campaign that I was trying to do. Basically a lack of interest from local club members. I seem to be the only person interested in doing such a narrative. It has got to a point that now after about three or four years of trying to do reports for it that I have given up bothering.

I can't fault anyone though. We all come to the hobby for different reasons and most of the people I know are in it just for the game and not for anything else. I've always been more interested in playing something with a storyline. While I don't like overly complicated campaign rules something where players with same factions can work together even plotting in the shadows appeals quite a lot but no one else does.

So, I've dropped the Midas Crusade narrative, and have instead started writing narratives for the games that my Death Guard play. I'm using another blog page: March of the Damned.

Slowly that funk is fading and I want to get back to discussing the game and getting some motivation for my painting - something else I am finding a hard time organising.

Hope you are all still around and looking forward to reading your posts.


  1. I kind fell out of the habit of sending reports after I moved away. i loved writing up post-battle updates. It let me work out the fluff for my army and where it fitted overall in my army's narrative. Several enduring characters in my Sons of Horus and Deathwatch/Inquisition were born just from the need to have names and narrative to send you!

    I like the idea of a different blog to develop and chronicle an armies narrative and battles. I might try it if I get time.

    That last bit is something I've been struggling with too. I took a few breaks from the hobby when real life got in the way for a while and now I'm left wondering if anyone's actually reading the long posts I put on my own blog now I'm blogging again on a regular basis.

    1. I read now and again but I don't have much to offer as I think posting "nice paint job" every time is a bit pointless.

  2. Glad to hear the funk is clearing - I've added the new blog address to my roll, I love narrative stuff and my recent charity event had narrative pieces prior to each mission that I got a couple of guys to do voiceovers for.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully it'll be something you'll enjoy. I do need to work on my reports though.