Tuesday, 13 September 2016

No More Conquest

A few days ago it was at last revealed that the partnership between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games has ended. No more GW related games from them. Normally I would not be too bothered after all FFG are well known for the board games and I have the 40K ones that I want and I have everything for the Deathwatch RPG. However, this also means the end of Warhammer 40K: Conquest, their living card game.

Conquest had a good future ahead of it. We have had three expansions and two new faction expansions (Tyranids and Necrons). It makes me angry as I feel now that I have wasted my money on this game. Card games like this, as good as they are, die off when there are no further expansions. The history of CCG's is full of such cast aside games. Surely the two companies could have come to some arrangement over this? I mean, really?

A couple of people have pointed out that part of the licensing agreement was that FFG would not make any miniatures based games as that is GW's domain. FFG have announced a skirmish war game based upon their own fantasy world of Runebound and I think that may have been the death knell. But again I ask, could they not have worked something out?

So, as we have hardly anyone who bothers to play any more anyway, it looks like Conquest will end up either gathering dust on a shelf or I may flog it all on EBay. It is going to make me think long and hard before I pick up anything else like this.

Anyway, rant over.

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