Wednesday, 23 November 2011

6th ed Chaos Rumours


  1. Thousand Sons are by no means broken, not by a long shot. they pay through the nose for their abilities, which took a huge hit anyway with the new cover rules in 5th ed. take it from someone who ditched his pure 1k sons army when 5th hit, due to the changes, they need a boost so a pure Thousand Son force is playable again, then my Sons of Magnus will take to the field again

    The Red Angel is from the Horus Heresy art books. I thought he was just used as a lure to trap Sanguinius at Signus Prime though. It'll be interesting to see what they do with him/it in the upcoming novels about Signus prime, as it'll give some clues as to his/its eventual fate

    Cypher is full of win, i've been wanting him back for years

    Doombreed was one of the first deamon princes, apparently he made his name in ancient terra. I'd love to see him make an appeareance, simplt to see some non-CSM Deamon Princes

    Lesser deamons need to be marked in the new book

    it wouldn't surprise me to see the deamon engines from FW make an appearance

    new monstrous creature may be a deamon engine or a massive spawn-like creature

    Our cult troops need to be plastic. seriously. The dread is about 15 years old too, so that definately needs an update, with all the options. I havn't seen a chaos player use the official metal model. Ever

    Little Horus would be an interesting addition, seeing as he was having doubts about Horus' fall to chaos and the direction the Sons of Horus were taking. An interesting way to play this story was his doubts have sprouted into full-blown hate of chaos and is trying to use chaos as a weapon against itself, Malal or old radial Ordos Malleus style

    Chaos really aren't good. They've got 1-2 competetive builds atm. They need the variety they used to have, but carefully balanced to avoid the 3.5 codex overpoweredness

  2. Thousands Sons will be a topic you and I will disagree on regardless I think. AP3 as standard on troop choices is wrong. It's there to screw over MEQs, intentional or not.

    As for Chaos they are really strong. No offence but I'm playing a lot of games lately against CSM and I have won one out of about 14 games and that was because of blind luck.
    I agree with some forum users that the fluff has gone from the CSM codex but they can't complain about the strength of their codex.

  3. At the same time, you pay 7 points more per model (over tactical marines, not even getting into grey hunters here)to get that ability, plus they get the drawback of being slow (requiring a transport for aobjective grabbing), plus they have a breakdown if someone takes out the Aspiring Sorceror, plus they don't even get the advantage of combat tactic or they shall know no fear.

    As i said, the AP3
    really isn't that much of a game changer, with so much cover around

    The power of the 'dex comes from those one or two builds i mentioned. What kind of forces were you facing? I bet i can predict what features in there.

    Chaos needs a way to field fluffy, pure god armies without punishing players for doing so.

  4. These games are against Gary. He often fields 4-5 CSM squads (no marks) usually without rhinos, two Tzeentican DPs, two obliterators and an all lascannon pred. Fills in the remaining points where he can. lately he has dropped the DPs (at my polite request) and takes a chaos lord and a greater daemon.

    Each game is different to be fair but he primarily takes me out of the game because of close combat, a part of the game that generic marines cannot handle. It's not just me that feels that way. Even Mike and Joel have come around to my way of thinking.

  5. And I do agree that CSM need a way to field fluffy armies and hopefully this new Legions book or books will be what they need.

  6. twin deamon princes and obliterators, i was expecting, but lash DP's rather than Tzeentch.

    Chaos are meant to be good at combat. That's always been their niche.

    Well your post has convinced me to ditch my Throgg-based WoC project I'm working on and start dusting off what little of my chaos army i havn't sold, ready for next year.
    It's pretty much certain they're on the way now, given the amount of rumours flying around, it's the specifics that are still hazy (as i'd expect at this stage). Liek you said there's probably some quite solid information in there somewhere