Monday, 14 November 2011

Blood Angels Codex review


  1. Agree with just about everything.
    Except combat squads. They have their place. They add a good degree of flexibility for your guys. Not least of which enabling your Descent of Angels meltas to blast two pesky metal boxes rather than one when the situation arises. Remember you choose combat squads when they deploy, which for reserves is when they arrive.

    I believe it's by far the best marine codex. A nice variety of builds, all of which work. In many cases obseleting the vanilla codex. Only real reason not to use the BA over the standard codex is if you like a particular chapter tactics character. This could also be because I'm a bit of a blood Abgel fanboy. Codex Angels of Death from second edtion was always my second favorite favorite codex.

    Special shout out to the death company dreadnought. Yeah Rage sucks, and you need some Death Company to take them. But it's next to unstoppable and can come with everyones favorite Blood Talons.

  2. I've never seen combat squads to be worth it, regardless of which codex. You just end up losing a squad quicker. Even Mike has never had much luck with combat squads.

    It is definitely the best marine codex, hands down. As I say in the vid, if I can have the vanilla marine SC's rather than the ones in the BA codex then I'd play this one.