Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Space Wolves codex review


  1. the special characters are an exception to the saga rule - you can take, for example, the saga of majesty with bjorn and a wolf lord in the same force

    imo Grimnar is better than Ragnar, simply for the fact he gives you access to the Loganwing army build

    Bjorns save is 5+, not 4+.

    Also, i think the venerable dread is actually worth it with SW's simply because it gives them access to the wolf tooth necklace, so they always hit on a 3+

    Luka's cloak of the Dopprelganger actually works against him in terms of usefulness. You want him to die, but the cloak slows down that process.

    I run 2 units of TWC regularly. If you equip them right and lead them with a character, they are extremely useful. The trick is to equip them all differently for wound allocation and resist the urge to give them all storm shields (one or two will do the job)

    Loving the reviews, keep them coming. I'd like to see a deamon one (email me if you want some of my opinions on it too)

  2. You're right on Bjorn's save. My bad.

    I really don't like venerable. That 60 points is just too high. 30pts and I might grumble but I might also use it.

    Daemons is to be my next one. Probably over the weekend.

  3. Worth noting on the skyclaws thing, Blood Angel Assault marines also get melta guns. +1 them over vanilla. Also yes, why does no one in the game have a knife?

    Do Guard so I can poke holes in it!!