Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tournament list

In preparation for the major 2012 40K league at the Primarchs starting in January I am getting some practice in with my potential list. Subject to change but this is what I am currently testing out.

Pedro Kantor.
10 man tactical squad with meltagun, multimelta, and sarge with power weapon and plasma pistol. The unit has a drop pod.
10 man tactical squad with meltagun, multimelta, and sarge with power weapon and plasma pistol.
10 man tactical squad with meltagun, missile launcher, and sarge has chainsword and plasma pistol.
5 man terminator assault squad with thunder hammers and storm shields.
5 man terminator squad with assault cannon.
Land Speeder with multi-melta and Typhoon missile system.
Predator with lascannons.
Land Raider Redeemer.


So far it has drawn against the new Necron codex and lost the Chaos Marines (only because I could not kill off two obliterators!). Tonight I am going up against the chaos marines again in hopes that this time I might be able to do something.
What I really want to do is find a way to include a rhino for the other (non-missile launcher) squad. The drop pod is fine but for potential objective missions it's too foot slogging. Marines do not make good groundpounders.


  1. What I would do.
    Drop the multimelta squad without the drop pod.
    Drop the terminators.
    I'd probably give all the sergeants fists because punching things is fun. And the plasma pistol is a bit of a waste.

    Add 9-10 sternguard with pod, a bunch of combi-meltas, and 2 heavy flamers. Because Sternguard rock and are scoring! I'd stick Pedro in here probably to get him in the action.
    Maybe add a bod to the assault squad. 5 isn't very many, but I guess if they hang around Pedro, his +1 attack aura makes them pretty deadly, and they ain't going anywhere. Taking 9 Sternguard and the extra bod gives you a rhino which they may not need. But comes to 1740.

    My 2 pennies.

  2. Kantor goes with the assault terminators. His main reason for being in the list is to make the army stubborn, as it is close combat where I tend to get mullered the most.

    The terminators have done awesome in both games, despite eventually being blown away by obliterators in the last game.

    I don't like sternguard because of their points. They are too expensive for what they are and what they give. They need a good points reduction before I'll play them again.

  3. How has been in the assault squad? I would of thought he would have eaten every single attack of the first combat they enter. Thing with Kantor is his so-soo combat ability. He's just a regular captain with a fist in that regard. Though he does make the thunder hammers scary with 3 attacks base for that turn or two he lives.
    Otherwise, I actually like this list quite a bit, though maybe not the speeder - not a fan. And technically, a crusader + a larger assault squad is much better option, but flamestorm cannons are too much fun. If I had the cash I would be so tempted....

  4. Kantor has done very well in the assault terminators squad. The extra attacks really make the difference.

    I'm not such a fan of speeders either but it was recommend to me as a means of zipping across the table to wherever it was needed. It has done 50/50 so far. Took out a predator tank in one game and killed one CSM in the other.

  5. Take away all the plasma pistols, and you get a rhino + extra armour. Plasma is nice enough, but it's 15 points for a shot you may get once a game in your tactical squads. Murphy also says it will miss. I would prob drop the power weapon as well. If you are in cc with something that needs a pw to kill, it's probably murdering all his mates anyway. Or it's another space marine tac squad, and one has to wonder why they are with 6" of each other. On the other hand, they do look cool. Fists are usually a better option, as you get to heroicaly instant death lots of fun things 1 times out of 10. Pretty much every character is toughness 4 or less. But we are trying to save for a rhino.