Monday, 14 November 2011

Necron Battle review

I've had one game against the new Necron codex now. 1750pt game vs my Salamanders. Pitched battle and 4 objectives.

The result was a draw with one objective each but only because one of my tactical marines refused to die no matter what was thrown at him. He has since been promoted to squad sergeant.

Ok, so what did I think? I was expecting a game where I was really on the backfoot but I found the new army to be a good challenge without being too silly. If some of the new units had been involved then things may have been different. The reanimation protocols proved to be just as irritating as it used to be when it was "We'll Be Back" but at least now I can react to it better. Some things seem to be weaker than they used to be. Destroyers, I'm looking at you, and the monolith wasn't the threat it used to be thankfully.

I think the new codex is nice but thankfully not as powerful as it could have been.

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  1. indeed, trying more different stuff out vs muffin this thursday, shoudl be good game, mind you telsa ftw!