Thursday, 24 November 2011

Battle Report

Every Wednesday evening my mate DonRemus comes over and we have a 40K game. I have a mission list of about 69 missions and we are playing them in order being able to adjust our lists each week to accommodate the mission and anything we want to try. He plays Black Legion and I my Salamanders. At the moment I am testing my tournament list ready for January.

Last night was Urban Assault from Cities of Death, though we are using Planetstrike stratagems rather than the poor ones in CoD. DonRemus pulled out Abaddon the Despoiler for this game. I was quite pleased as I haven't had the opportunity to play against him for over a couple years. None of the local CSM players seem to want to play this awesome character for some reason.

I knew from the moment that he pulled out the 60-odd chaos marines that I had no hope in Hell of ever winning this game. With that in mind I decided to play exclusively for the draw. Sometimes you know that that is your only option. We both had terrible dice rolls and that helped me out, as did my drop pod deviating into a narrow gap preventing his rhinos from getting where they wanted. Emperor's guidance I like to see that as.  I had to sacrifice a couple units to slow the advance but it worked. Didn't even get the opportunity to disembark kantor and the 5 TH/SS terminators either.

Turn 5 and the game ended. I might have managed to last turn 6 but I doubt it, and if it had gone to turn 7 I would have lost definitely.

So at the moment, our tally stands at a poor show of:

14 wins to DonRemus, 1 win to me, and 1 draw.

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