Wednesday, 4 July 2012

6th ed Battle Report

When a trio of Necron tomb ships manifested in orbit above Nobilitae, capital of the Tyken sector, the local planetary defence forces understandably paniced. For three hours the tomb ships bombarded a tiny section of the planet's surface before deploying a scout force. Thankfully a battle barge of Salamanders marines was close by and able to divert to the planet's aid. The Necrons were searching for something in the ruins. Whatever it was, Librarian Malfes wasn't about to let them have it.

So, my first ever game of 6th edition Warhammer 40K. My opponent was Mulch and his necron horde led by Nemesor Zahndrekh. Points was a simple 1500. Neither side fielded allies or fortifications.

Deployment was the awkward new table corners one and the mission was to grab as many of the four objectives as we could. In order to try out the new terrain rules we had a mysterious forest (that wasn't used), a mysterious river (normal), and an Archeotech Ruin (some weird time generator).

This was not a good game for me. We were in combat almost immediately. One tac squad held up three Wraiths for the duration of the game, and another was reduced to four men by Zahndrekh and his escort. The C'tan shard shreded my librarian but was crushed to death by my terminator chaplain and the TH/SS termies. As usual, the scarab swarms ate my land raider in seconds. I was not happy.

In an odd move at the end of the game, when Mulch held two objectives and was close to taking one from me, he teleported Zahndrekh and squad away back to his own lines. Not sure why, maybe just because he knew he had won (damn those secondary objectives!). And win he did, with the game ending on turn 5.


Ok, 6th seems an ok system when you play it but I really hate the new wound allocation rules. They just bog the game down to crawl. The 5th ed wound allocation made more sense. if it wasn't for the fact that people are going to want to play the rules as is, I would suggest playing the old style way. But hey.

Secondary objectives are going to be irritating. Where as before you could play defensive and try for a draw, these stop that. You need to be much more aggressive now than you used to be. As a player who prefers to play defensive this feels quite counter to my regualr play style.

Really need a couple more 6th ed games before I can comment much more.

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