Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sons of Tantalus

For a while now I have been pondering doing a second space marine chapter. I have my colour scheme and the general idea in my head of who and what they are. With six months or so to the next club league/campaign I have decided that I am going to get started on this new project. I haven't given up on my Salamanders but there is only a couple units left for them that I want to do.

Sons of Tantalus.

The chapter was created as part of the 26th Founding (from Ultramarine gene stock) to protect the area of space surrounding the Tyken Sector. The populous sector was under constant threat from Necron forces and a dedicated strike force was determined the best way to protect the sector. As such the Sons of Tantalus have been operational for less than two centuries.
The chapter has seen a number of conflicts against Necron and other xenos threats. The recent warp tear known as Tyken's Rift has also seen them facing down the forces of Chaos, though in this regard they have fought alongside the Ordo Malleus and the two seem to be allies of convience.

The chapter is based on the desert world of Tantalus, located on the edge of the Tyken sector. When the chapter was first formed and unnamed, they investigated mysterious pyramidal ruins uncovered by the native population. Though appearing xenos in origin these pyramids were nothing more than ancient tombs long buried in the sands. The chapter transformed these ruins in their fortress monestaries, expanding the catacombs and adding subterranean hangers for their aircraft.

Tantalus is mostly desert with one small saltwater ocean at it's equator. The poles are frozen tundra with seasonal freshwater lakes. The local population, the Tantalans are a hardy people not unlike those of Talarn. They dwell in stone settlements with basic technologies and deep core wells from which they draw drinking water.

The chapter follows the Codex Astartes in it's combat doctrines but has changed one small aspect of it's operation. Unlike other chapters where newly promoted scouts are brought into the Devastator and then Assault companies before taking their place in a tactical squad, the Sons of Tantalus prefer to promote scouts directly into a tactical squad. From there the actions of a given marine can be monitored, and the the marine assigned to the position that they seem most suited to. So far this method appears to be working well for the chapter.

The chapter mostly recruits from the hardiest of the Tantalans. However, the sector also holds several penal colonies and from these the chapter takes the most violent and psychopathic criminals. They are mindwiped and psychoconditioned by the chapter's Librarians. They are then implanted with new personalities loyal to the Emperor whilst still keeping the murderous sides of their natures. The chapter views this as useful in their role of protectors of the sector.
At the current time, the chapter is still building it's stock of marines and is understrength. The chapter fields six companies at present, including the scout company.

The Sons of Tantalus utilise all tools at their disposal but have a fondness for using plasma weapons as they seem best suited to destroying their hated enemy, the Necrons. They also favour armoured assaults and maintain a sizeable number of vehicles and aircraft for just such military operations.

The chapter is descended from Ultramarine gene-stock and maintains strong ties to it's parent chapter. The fact that Ultramar is within easy astropathic communication range and only a few sectors away helps ensure that they are availble should either need assistance.
The chapter also has ties to the Grey Knights and the two have fought side by side in several enagements in and around the Tyken's Rift. After each episode the chapter has willingly submitted to having their memories of the events wiped to keep the chapter free of taint. This has gone some way to mainting their close connection.

Heroes of the Chapter:
Chapter Master: Erastus Argolis.
Master of the Forge: Hesperos.
Chief Apothecary: Lykos.
Chief Librarian: Nikodemus.
Master of Sanctity: Xenon.
1st Captain: Ptolomus.
2nd Captain: Andronikos.
3rd Captain: Achilles.
4th Captain: Democritus.
5th Captain: Herod.
Scout Captain: Pelagios.

Chapter Icon:

Battle Cry:
"Fight with blood! Fight with steel! Die with honour!"


  1. Awesome, I keep meaning to do something like this for my Necrons!