Monday, 30 July 2012


I've had two 6th ed games this past week. One against My friend Jon and another against Muffin.

Jon fielded an ork army in a standard kill point style mission. I haven't played against orcs since the eand of 4th edition so wasn't entire sure how the game would go. He didn't have an awful lot on the table (I had expected more if I'm honest) but I just couldn't stop that green horde from surging across the table. My dice had turned on me again and by the end of the game I had 0 victory points and Jon had something like 8 or 9. Good game but again shows how poor marines are against horde lists. We also had the awful corner deployment which didn't help me either. I'd have prefered either of the other two.

Having badgering me for a few weeks for a game I said yes and faced down his chaos marines. I was testing a possible new list for the 2013 league and it worked rather well. This game was a 4 objectives with that bloody irritating corner deployment again. I put both of my objectives close to my lines but for some reason so did Muffin, meaning that he had to cross the table to get them. My game and dice were on fire this time and I was hammering the foul traitor marines. Man of the match was really the Stormtalon which decimated two squads of marines and a rhino over three turns and taking no damage or HP loss what so ever. At the end of turn 4 Muffin conceeded the game with me on 10vp and he was on 1vp. That was a fun game but I think it was the unexpected arrival of my flyer that did it. I don't think he has played against them before and it kinda showed. Next time we'll see.


  1. Vanguard strike is awesome!! I love it, such a huge frontage to deploy along. Can do all sorts of crafty things.

    1. I'd have prefered that GW stuck with the old Spearhead deployment. Much simpler.

    2. The power of trignometry makes vanguard simples as well :p