Thursday, 5 July 2012

Awkward update

Played a game of 40K tonight against my mate Fish at the club. 1500pts of Salamanders vs 1500pts of Space Wolves with Imperial Guard allies. For most part it was a really good and enjoyable game. However it drove home two elements of 6th that I cannot stand and have had to change.

1. Wound Allocation. Under 6th this is stupid and utterly pants! It really makes no sense.

Mallik the space marine takes a shot to the head and falls over. His battle brother Gallik looks over and says "Gee. I wish I knew how to pick up and fire my mates meltagun. I was trained to do so when I become a space marine. It would be really useful, but sod it."

Makes. No. Freaking. Sense!

So from here, I will only play games with the 5th ed wound allocation system.

2. Challenges. This is what really forced this tonight. It was no fault of Fish's but we tried out the challenges system. Hated it. Especially when my terminator chaplain ended up out base contact with the Wolf Lord he had been challenged but was in base contact with another SW terminator, and yet wasn't allowed to swing at him. WTF?

No. I hate these rules.

Though it will cost me potential games and drop me from future club leagues/campaigns, I will not play without the above changes. To do otherwise would ensure that I was playing a game that I did not enjoy.

Thankfully at least one other player is willing (more than willing) to go along with that.


  1. Fair enough, I agree on wound allocation, as it could take forever

    *blop of 50 Guardsmen raid fire against 10 marines!* Let me sleep while you take army saves!

    I sort of like and dislike the challenge aspect, my Necrons and Guard wouldn't use it! But Wolves have to for me as its part of "looking for the perfect death"

    But yes if you decline a challenge, you shouldn't have to walk off not hitting anyone as the entire squads is smacking you while you stand there!

    Likes, Allies, shooting and overwatch now though! And also like the idea of Ap in cc, makes terminators what they should be! Rocks!

    1. Wolves are the only one I can see doing it. I probably wouldn't object if it was only special "named" characters who suffered for refusing a challenge, but most armies in the 40K universe are not daft enough to acccept a challenge under this system.

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  3. yep, named characters should be forced nothing else should be! That would make sense as Calgar isn't going to turn down that challenge from kharn!

    1. Exactly. Plus, those characters are suitably balanced for challenges.

  4. indeed o well, I will happily play against you still, even if you want these rules slightly changed