Friday, 6 July 2012

Battle Report

Wicker's World.
Tyken Sector.
The Salamanders chapter have spent three weeks scouring a Genestealer cult from this industrial world. At the last, a contingent of infected PDF made a heroic stand against the Imperium's finest. Unfortunately due to a malfuction in the communications system, the allied Space Wolves were not aware of the final situation. Sensing that the Salamanders were opening fire on loyalist forces, they struck from the skies and engaged their fellow space marines.

So, a club game against Fish (Space Wolves with IG allies). Basically a kill point mission with standard 12'' deployment.

This was quite a good but throughly tough game. The Imperial Guard allies were what really did the damage with massed firepower and AP3 shots. As usual though my bog standard guys were smashed apart in close combat (oh how I hate how good CC is in this game). Saying that I didn't do too badly over all and am pleased with the flow of the game.

I won't go into the stupid challenges again but I am glad that I got to try them now rather than suddenly in the middle of a future campaign.

Good game to Fish.

So, so far under 6th my marines have played 2 and lost 2.

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