Friday, 13 July 2012

Eldar Corsairs

Last night I played a game against the Forge World eldar corsair army list. Considering how powerful I consider craftworld eldar I was a little concerned that the list might be out of proportion. My concerns were part founded but considering how the game went I can't say that it wasn't just the dice gods messing things about.

A show of how good the list was coupled with some 6th ed twinkyness was the first turn for my opponent (I had failed to seize the init). In that turn he basically destroyed my ability to win the game. Rhino gone, unit pinned, and librarian shot through the head. Second turn my other rhino was destroyed and the squad pinned. Pulse lasers on vypers (I think) tore my land raider to shreds and high powered weapons tore the terminators to bits. Pretty much my grumble about the craftworld codex was turned nightmarish in this game. I conceeded turn 4 with no way to win the game.

It was a good game though I hestitate to say it was fun only because it was just one sided. Pretty much like any game I play against craftword eldar. My opponent was a good sport though. Afterwards I tried to figure out if there was anything I could have done differently but I don't think there really was. My only mistake was still being in a 5th ed mindset and expecting the game to be a draw because of the mission (one objective each) but the damage dealt to me in the first two turns ensured I was never going to be in a winning position.

As for the list, it's not too different to the regular eldar army list just small tweaks and not so much in the way of psychic powers. It seems to rely more on mass firepower.

With two, possibly three, players thinking of using that army list in the 2013 campaign things could get interesting.


  1. Was unlucky with the land raider. It survived the melta attack, but was victim to a couple of lucky 6's from the massed str 8. It was the last desperate missile from the pirate squad that finally took it out.

    It's the jet pack thing that makes them silly. 12" move + 2d6 back into cover after shooting.
    Without something to counter that kind of mobility advantage, it's very difficult to stop them shooting you to bits.

    A couple of drop pods would of prob worked better. Dread + tactical squad, or even termies perhaps, to lock down whatever wall they are hiding behind.

    Or even a trusty whirlwind.

  2. The dice gods definitely deserted you.
    I think you're overall battle plan was pretty spot on, my only real suggestion was it may have been more prudent to keep the Land Raider and Rhinos together rather than seperating them.
    As Matt said the Land Raider did have quite a lot of firepower thrown at it but the key with this list is firepower, you have to shoot first and shoot hard as they can't take much in the way of punishment!
    As for the Jet packs they are actually only a 6" Movement and then 2D6 jump back (Just like Tau in last edition)