Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Battle for Tyken's Rift - 2013 Leagues

1. All games have a maximum limit of 1750pts.

2. The league will be split into two leagues of equal size. League #1 is for codex only games, and league #2 is for Forge World games. Each player will play each other player in their league once. Each round will (hopefully) be on a fortnightly basis (week 1 is league A, week 2 is league B, week 3 is league A, for example).

3. If you do not think for any reason that you cannot commit to the league schedule nor stay committed to the end then respectfully, please do not sign up.

4. At the start of the league each player specifies one codex that they will be using for the duration. Lists are not fixed and can be changed between rounds once players know who their opponent is and what the upcoming mission is.

5. Missions will be core rulebook and Battle Missions, using the Ultimate Challenge method. Missions 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3 will be the equivilent Death World missions (Battle Missions expansion) from White Dwarf #388 (April 2012).

6. Missions will be known in advance, giving players a fortnight to plan their list around their opponent's codex and the mission.

7. To update the Battle Missions scenarios to 6th edition, the following changes are being made:

* All objective missions will use the VP method, with objectives being worth 3VP.
*Secondary objectives will be used in all games.
*Night fighting and reserves rules from the 6th edition rulebook override those in Battle Missions.
*All objectives in objective missions will use the Mysterious Objectives rules.

8. Each game will have D2 random special terrain (table has been drawn up, see below) plus a Mysterious Forest.

9. If your army receives a new codex during the run of the league, you must do your best to upgrade as quickly as possible.

11. League scoring is 3vp for a win, 2vp for a draw, and 1vp for a loss.

The start date is currently the first week of February 2013


Random special terrain generator

1. Ammunition dump.
2. Comms relay.
3. Fuel reserve.
4. Shield generators.
5. Warp storm. Page 367.
6. Minefield.
7. Archeotech artifact.
8. Shrine to chaos.
9. Imperial statuary.
10. Gun emplacement.
11. Lightning storm. Page 367.
12. Seismic cataclysm. Page 367.

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