Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Spent this evening working on the Stormtalon for my Sons of Tantalus chapter. She iswn't finished but the base colours are in place. Rakarth Flesh is a nice colour but it needs two or three coats to do it right where as one was fine for my captain. I'll be finishing her off probably over the weekend and then it's working on two tactical squads.


  1. Looks great dude, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Try a gryphonne sepia wash over the golden aquila to tie it into the rest of the model. it draws the eye a bit more than it really should atm.

    I've wanted a Stormtalon since it was released, but neither my Deathwing nor my Space Wolves can have them :(

  2. So far its only really the base colours so needs some washes and touching up. Still a little way to go.

    I am sure that DA and SW will get this at some point. Everyone is getting a flyer and can't see them getting something different.

  3. Ah i see, looking good so far though.

    I can see DA getting them or something similar, but got a feeling SW's are gonna miss out on them. Flying into battle isn't the way Russ did things. The only reason they have an equivalent of assault marines is because they strap young, headstrong trouble makers into jump packs to and point them at the enemy. I can see us getting either some anti-flyer stuff or it being so long till our next codex that the flyer fad is long gone.

    Thinking of getting some BA Death Company as Allies to represent a unit of Wulfen so I can get a Stormraven

  4. Yes DA not to SW, but apparently SW get a anti air placement kind of thing instead.. Lets she how that goes! Intill then my Imperial Forces will continue to ally with my Necron air force!!