Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Now, I love the look of the new Chaos models in this set but I do find myself wishing that they would go back to how Chaos Marines looked under 1st ed (Rogue Trader). They weren't just spikey marines they looked like these new guys, all twisted and mutated by their devotion to the dark gods.
That last one... GW did a whole range of heavy weapon CSM at the time, and most of them had mutations. I had one that had a skull head on a long neck with a flamer of tzeench's body. Another had three arms, one of which was a tentacle holding the base of the heavy wepaon. These were much better than the spikey marines they do now. The look of the DV box CSM remind me much more of the 1st ed marines. I hope they keep this design with upcoming releases.


  1. I prefer the understated style that they wnet for in the 3.5 'dex. That final one's barely recognisable as a marine.

    The Hellbrute is amazing though. Don't like the fact they were talking about it as a replacement for a dread in the video though. I know a lot of chaos players, myself included, who would be very annoyed if chaos dreadnoughts went

    1. With the original models (such as the last one) it was meant to show that being a Chaos follower changed you. You mutated and your armour did too, becoming part of you. It made CSM different. These days CSM are just regular marines with spikes on. Bring back mutations.

      As for the Hellbrute, everything I read says that it replaces the dreadnought in the codex. It's not going, just getting a new name.

  2. I'm all for mutations, but there's degrees of it in the fluff. yes there's mutants of those magnitudes, but there's also less obvious mutations that make you just as damned - Cyrion's vampiric thirst from the Night Lord books for example.

    If GW push the 'all chaos marines and vehicles are mutated beyond recognition' route, it actually goes against the fluff they've established. Due to the timeless nature of the Warp, some CSM's have lived 100 years since the heresy, some have live 20,000. Not all of them are mutated monsters yet, but some are.

    Personally I prefer the idea of CSM's being a bunch of jaded and embittered veterans of the long war, fighting for revenge. Some are mutated and beyond hope, but many are just holding on through sheer strength of will