Wednesday, 29 August 2012

IG vs Marines

A couple nights ago I played my friend Matt in what is supposedly our first ever 40K game together. Not going to cover the report as it has largely slipped around in my head and his blog does it more justice.

You can read it here.

I expected tank heavy and was not dissapointed. Despite that I decided to stick to my current standard list even though I didn't think it would do much to several tanks. I have never done well against Guard. Far too much concentrated firepower for marines to survive and some awesome cross table heavy weapons that wreck my Rhino's and Land Raiders. Under 6th they are exactly the same.

My biggest problem when facing Guard is that I find myself unable to properly coordinate target priority. For example, in this game I really wanted to do away with his heavy weapon teams but by the time my Redeemer got there I had already decimated the lascannon threats and then what? But then I don't play against Guard often enough (only two Guard players locally) to develop a proper play style against them.

I lost the game partly because of that and also because the mission where the objectives have different values, and Matt started with two high point ones in his deployment right behind an Aegis line.

A very good game. One of the more enjoyable of late.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't clas Rhino's as tanks. They're transports.

      Plus my tanks aren't fiited with blast templates those giant plasma cannons and battle cannons that you had.

    2. This is true, and why i wuv them. And want to start a little Leman Russ family, with little Leman Russ offspring. In a little garage somewhere.....