Friday, 10 August 2012

Battle Report

Last night at the club I played a friendly game against Joel. His first game of 6th edition. I played my 1500pt default list of marines, and he played a Tyranid list. I was expecting to face Eldar with wraithguard and wraithlords so this was kinda nice.

The deployment was the awful table corners (I forget the name) and the mission was three objectives. We both put an objective in our table corners and I had the third which I put as close to my side as I could hoping to keep them from the oncoming horde.

With his initial deployment of guants and a tervigon I was a little concerned but ultimately it didn't prove as irritating as it used to under 5th ed for some reason. First turn was night fight so I just tried to knock some wounds off his tervigon and he just crept forward.

Turn 2 and I continued to pour fire into the gaunts dropping loads of them and holding him back. His turn saw a winged hive tyrant, trygon and two zoanthropes (mycetic spores) drop out of reserve. The Trygon fires bioplasma and drops most of my scout squad guarding my main objective. The hive tyrant destroys one rhino leaving the marines standing in a crater pointing their guns at him. Zoanthropes knock a HP from the land raider redeemer.

Turn 3 and my Stormtalon turns up and blows the snot out of the trygon, and the scouts drop it to 1 wound remaining. Stormbolter on a rhino forced the winged hive tyrant to make a check which it failed, falling to the ground and taking a wound. The squad just a few inches away unload everything and slay the beast! Yay me! My captain and TH/SS terminators leap from my land raider and assault the zoanthropes who die far too easily.
His trygon assaults the scouts and kills them with ease, and the gaunts try to assault but three squads of them fail to reach even average distance and just sit there. At this point I think the game is likely to be a draw as we both hold an objective, he has first blood and I have the warlord kill, with the third objective likely to be contested.

Turn 4 his gaunts surround my terminators and assault them in huge waves, and the other squads leap onto the squad in the open. My second tactical squad retreats to hold my primary objective. Predator shots kill the trygon, and the Stormtalon hovers and opens fire onto the one gaunt squad it can still fire at.
His shooting takes out the Stormtalon which was irritating, but it had done well enough that I'm not complaining. His turn was pretty much just combat slowly whittling away at the two squads he's fighting.

Turn 5 was more combat and then finally he took out my captain and terminators and consolidated into my deployment zone. Matt rolled the dice and the game ended giving Joel the 1vp he needed to win.


For some reason which I can't quite fathom this game was much easier than any other game I've had against tyranids. The only thing I can think of is that the overwatch and random charge helped me keep them back long enough to give me extra turns. Also, the trygon and hive tyrants have never been so easy to kill. Perhaps it was the plasma rather than meltas that helped?

Joel is not an easy opponent and he takes his fairly lengthy time but that was a good game.


  1. Plasma is better then melta against needs as the extra shot and range makes a massive different! Sounds close though, very close!

    1. I've never done so well against Nids. I hope this is a trend I can enjoy for a while to come.