Friday, 24 August 2012


I've been reading through some rumours today for 40K. First up is a converstion kit for Sternguard. Resin bits including (and about time too dagnamit!) a combi-flamer. Finally. Only taken you how long to do that GW? But could be a nice handy dandy kit to get.

Secondly is the idea that the soon to be released DA codex and general FAQs will be giving missile launchers the anti-air missiles but by replacing the standard missiles. That makes no sense at all. I can see a points upgrade to have them as a third option but replacement just seems dumb. No one would bother since it makes the missile launcher guy far too specific.

Something else that has been bothering me lately is how the progress of the game is going to influence the use of flyers. At the moment flyers are proving to be a nice addition to the game. 6's needed to hit them but they are not so good that they unbalance the game. The problem that I can see is that as soon as all this anti-air hits the shelves, everyone is going to take it and suddenly flyers will not be worth playing anymore.


  1. Regarding the last point.

    If you got your flakk without giving up the standard missiles, everyone would take them. Which really would be a death knell to flyers. Why take a lascannon or even an autocannon when you can just take a missile launcher that will help with troops, armour and flyers.

    As it is, you will have to balance your need for anti air against the liklihood of seeing flyers. Which is only a good thing.

    1. The problem is that by replacing no one is going to bother. It would be a waste of points on most things. Certainly on troops. We'll have to see how it plays out with regards to missile launchers on vehicles.